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Stone Builder


Helping communities through building lays a foundation that will allow locals to continue with your efforts even after your volunteer work has ended.

In many areas of Ghana, thousands of families live in inadequate accommodation and children attend school in crumbling buildings. Our construction project allows them to move to new, better quality homes and for the children to receive an education in secure, new classrooms.

You may find that the way you are used to working on building projects back home can be quite different from this experience; the materials used are often simpler and there can be limited tools for construction. The buildings are usually made from mud bricks that are produced by using a press, some mud and water, and then left to harden in the sun. Each building takes an average of one month to construct. Additionally, work schedules may vary due to a hot or rainy climate, so a flexible attitude and a willingness to get involved when needed is essential.

Your daily tasks can vary depending on the building progress. Some tasks include digging out foundations, using a press to build bricks, plastering and sanding, landscaping or painting the walls. You can even channel your artistic streak and design a fun and colourful mural for the local school.

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