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Writing a Diary


You can become part of a vital resource, providing legal services to businesses, community organisations or individuals.

This program is made available to law students or graduates seeking practical experience in human rights work. However, the work is also suitable if you are a student building a resume for law school or if you have a general interest in law and human rights. You’ll be supervised by professionals and there will be lots of opportunity to observe and learn from them. The experiences that you will have while interning in Ghana will give your resume an edge over the competition. Firstly, we will discuss your role and determine your level of experience and interest before giving volunteers and interns the opportunity to work with our partners in Accra.

On the Human Rights program you can expect to be busy at a full-time placement. Placements are demanding and must be taken seriously. Ghana is a stable and democratic country in West Africa. However, it still faces many challenges and shortcomings with human rights. Issues like domestic violence and child abuse remain a significant problem. Your role would be to provide important help to the local community, and potentially take part in outreach work and educational campaigns.

Our volunteers and interns are advised to expect to operate in urban and rural locations, meet people at all levels of society, and engage with international and domestic authorities and organizations. It is important to demonstrate cultural understanding and flexibility. Our mandate is to empower individuals and communities as well as nurture a supportive framework for human rights rather than impose western ideals on Ghanaian society.

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