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For our medicine programs in Ghana, you will be based in a hospital working with patients who have a wide range of sicknesses.

Our medicine project is suitable for both professionals and those seeking a career in medicine and looking for experience to add to their CV before applying to medical school. You’ll see medicine in practice and gain valuable first hand experience of working in a hospital in a developing country. As a medicine volunteer you’ll be shadowing doctors and nurses in a busy medical environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions while also being proactive and demonstrating initiative. They’ll  teach you about Ghana’s prevalent diseases, their diagnoses, management, and treatment. You’ll encounter patients who suffer from diseases and conditions that you don’t see at home, such as Malaria and Typhoid.

In Ghana, many rural and disadvantaged communities lack access to healthcare services. Most people cannot afford to travel to clinics or pay to see a doctor. We organise regular outreaches, where you can do health checks in these communities, focusing on measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and run free malaria tests. You will also get the opportunity to help in schools by treating wounds and ringworm. This is important work, that gives you the chance to help others while learning and using basic medical skills.

While volunteering at one of our partner hospitals, our volunteers can choose to spend time in different departments such as accident and emergency, paediatrics, maternity, pharmacy, physical therapy, and surgery. This will give you insight into various specialisations and could help you choose your own later in your studies. We recommend volunteering for a longer period on the medicine project to allow yourself more time to get to know the local medical system, see more of a variety of conditions and procedures, and develop stronger relationships with local medical staff. If you have qualifications or experience in this field then we can make use of your skills volunteering as a professional in Ghana.

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