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Most schools in Ghana have inadequate resources and are often understaffed and overcrowded. With your skills and experience you can help give children a well-rounded educational experience.

During your project at our partner schools, you will attend workshops hosted by our friendly Ghanaian members of staff. These will focus on what to expect and how to go about your daily activities while teaching. The workshops will also give you an overview of the Ghanaian educational system and more information about the school where you will be volunteering. You will receive advice and suggestions regarding lesson planning and activities or games to include at your teaching placement. The workshops may also cover topics like cultural differences, classroom management techniques and communication tips.

Our partner schools in Ghana are more than happy to welcome additional curricular subjects such as sports, geography, music, French, drama, art which will help develop the children’s interest and curiosity in other areas.

As a volunteer you will play a huge role in being an extra pair of hands and eyes to help pay attention to children who need it most.  You will help run educational activities such as helping children to read or offering to lead a fun creative lesson. This could include arts and crafts, reading, or even introducing them to a new game. 

Your encouragement, praise, and interactive lessons are often all that is needed to spark curiosity in the children and a desire to learn more. You will mostly have Ghanaian teachers who will act as supervisors and make sure you feel happy with your classes. These teachers are fluent in English and will always support you in order for you to get the most out of your experience.

Image by Alex Radelich
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